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Our law firm helps people process the biggest transactions in their lives — home sales and purchases. Our lead real estate closing attorney is Michael Joyce, who is also a partner at our firm and our manager of litigation.

Real estate transactions are complex and prone to many different types of problems. Our goals are to meticulously verify ownership, facilitate sales, prevent future conflicts, and confirm that any and all terms are fair for our clients.

Real Estate Closing Services

We provide both residential and commercial closing services. However, this page will focus on general information about home and condo closings. For specifics regarding any type of transaction, please contact us directly at (847) 537-1000 to schedule a consultation.

In general, our job as closing lawyers is to pursue your best interests throughout the transaction process. This advocacy usually takes many forms, potentially including:

  • Reviewing your contract from a legal perspective
  • Explaining contract terms to you
  • Suggesting contract alterations
  • Maintaining deadlines
  • Re-negotiating after inspections
  • Acting as title agent

As closing lawyers, we sometimes go beyond these core services. For example, some clients find it more convenient for us to be present at closing and sign documents on their behalf.

Your Closing Is Our Priority

Our real estate clients choose us because we prioritize their transactions. Michael Joyce — a partner in the firm and the manager of litigation — personally takes point on these cases.

We also have a keen eye for detail — and we know what to look for. Our experience in dispute resolution and creditor law puts us in a position to predict and prevent problems through meticulous research, handling, and processing of all closing documents.

Michael’s Credentials and Experience

In addition to managing litigation for the firm and acting as partner, Michael has personally handled countless residential closings. His experience is evenly split between representing buyers and sellers.

Michael is also an agent for Fidelity and has several well-developed contacts within the Fidelity title company. In fact, the title office is right across the street from our firm’s headquarters. This neighborly professional relationship allows us to efficiently advocate for the fastest, most accurate processing possible of our clients’ cases.

Reasonable Fees

A home purchase or sale can be emotional, but it’s also important to think about the bottom line. That’s why we offer highly competitive rates for both sides of the transaction:

  • Seller’s fees: When we represent the seller, we are able to keep fees very low.
  • Buyer’s fees: The buyer’s side requires significantly more time and effort from an attorney, but we are still typically able to keep fees in the area of $650-800.

Every case is different. However, we strive to be as transparent as possible as early as possible so you can make informed financial decisions.

Contact Us for a Consultation

We operate in a wide range of jurisdictions. We offer complete transaction management as well as individually tailored closing services. Please contact Michael through our website or call (847) 537-1000 today to schedule a consultation.

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